Levinology Labs | Interactive web solutions.

Guiding you through the web.

The future is interactive.

We build interfaces to get your point across. Check out one of our latest collaborations with Alaska’s Future.

Data is complex

We help companies manage unique and complex data. Recently, we helped a law firm execute document review on over 150,000 documents. Stay tuned for a full case study.

Security is paramount

We help companies manage their online web presence with FAST, SECURE hosting solutions for WordPress and other web platforms.

The right approach is crucial.

We build tools to support your business, provide business intelligence, and help users comprehend your goals.

With 84.2% of the population connected to the internet, Web is the perfect platform to make this happen.


Each project is different, which is why we ask questions— lots of them.

Knowing your end goals helps us effectively understand your needs, guiding our architectural and design decisions.
Below are just a few of the tools we use.


Wordpress CMS

Customizable content management

Ruby on Rails

Rapid Application prototyping and development


Highly responsive webapps


Mature architecture for enterprise organizations

Our core principles were borrowed from Steve House’s approach to alpinism. They represent a tried and true, industry-agnostic way to look at problems behind a keyboard or in the mountains.

It’s important to have a full understanding of any project, but just as important is the execution. Knowing which pieces to undertake at which times is important. We believe in breaking large endeavors down into digestible, deliverable pieces that can be analyzed to know whether we’re on the right track.

While we’re passionate about building things, we also realize the best approach is not always to jump right in. Careful understanding of why we’re using specific tools, the timing of development, and purpose of each piece is the crucial difference between good and GREAT.

With any endeavor, it’s important to test assumptions. It’s important to get rough drafts in the hands of users to get feedback and know if we’re headed in the right direction. Every project is a team effort, we want feedback early and often.

Continuous improvement is deeply embedded in our culture; it’s crucial for us to reflect on all projects so we know what works and what doesn’t. We strive to find things to improve upon as a means of progressing our own skill and we welcome you to be part of that process.

Levinology Labs | Interactive web solutions.