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Experience is crucial in hostile environments.

websites are hacked every second

Businesses are judged based on the initial impression of their websites. Rarely do they realize they’ve been hacked until they get a notification from Google or one of their customers.


of sites that got hacked and noticed by Google never had their traffic return to normal

Websites that are marked as malicious by search engines receive a huge drop in traffic during the time in which they’re flagged. Getting your site fixed and re-indexed by Google is imperative to the web health of your business.

days it takes on average to fix a hacked site

Generally we’re able to get sites fixed and live in as little as 24–72 hours.

Get it fixed, FAST.

We’ll get you back online.

We have fixed WordPress websites of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re getting 10 or 10,000 viewers a day, we understand how important your site is to your business. We take the utmost care when fixing your site and getting it back online FAST.

The Process

  • A security audit is performed to determine the cause and attack point of the hack.
  • The exploit is patched and any issues found are repaired.
  • WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins are updated to the latest version.
  • Your web host is audited for speed and security.
  • We review your site together for discrepancies.
  • Cleaned website is restored to your server and you’re provided with a copy for safe keeping.
How long will it take?

Depending on the depth of the repair needed, restorations usually take between 24 and 72 hours–generally this is faster than the time it takes search engines to notice.

What do I get?

You will receive a zip archive containing a clean version of your website and database to store for your records. You will also have the website restored live on your web server and have your site reindexed by Google.

How will I know when my site is fixed?

Before the site is pushed to your web server, we’ll review it together to make sure all the pieces are in place. Then it will be uploaded and a review audit will be requested from Google if it was flagged as malicious. Generally this takes 48-72 hours to have the malicious flag removed from search engine results.