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What would you do if your site got hacked today?

What’s your recovery plan?


When was your most recent backup?

Who would you call?

Do you have a backup?

How much would it cost?


of websites are run on WordPress*

websites are hacked every second*

was the average number of days to restore a hacked site*


of hacked sites that were detected by Google never had their traffic return to normal*

Plans and Pricing

Our managed and monitored hosting solution gives you peace of mind in knowing there is someone who is familiar with your infrastructure and watching over your website. We handle backups, configuration, and setup of your hosting. DNS records can be managed by us and we interface with your providers to make sure critical services such as email are intact.

Plus, you can pick up the phone and call us direct, with no automated voicemail.


$55/mo + $100 setup
  • dedicated server
  • maintain an original copy of your site
  • maintain 1 current weekly backup
  • hassle free interface for dealing with other IT Vendors
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  • weekly malware and virus scans
  • caching and image compression
  • free restoration in the event of a hacked website*
  • automatic update notifications to your maintenance partner of choice
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Our Basic plan is for Power Users that are active in updating WordPress, themes, plugins, and regularly making changes to the content of their site, but may need our support for backups, DNS, and as a knowledge base in the event of a problem.

Our Standard plan is for users who use their site as a conversion point for customers and information about their business – content may be updated by the user, but updates and major maintenance are handled by their web developer.

Our Premium plan is for those with elevated security needs such as online stores or reputable companies who want to maintain faster, secure access to their website

10% discount on annual payments

  • In order to provide the best possible service, we have to provide limitations on some of the services offered in the hosting plan. If excessive restorations are requested due to lack of maintenance on the site, restrictions may be placed on this service.
  • Backup retention is based on the size of your site. 8gb is allotted for total storage.

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