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Jeff Levin

Hi. My name is Jeff Levin.

I'm a software engineer based in Anchorage, Alaska.

I've been writing code for 17 years and helping companies manage complexity with technology. I started with Microsoft Frontpage, worked helpdesk, and then managed networks and IT departments.

Over the last 7 years I ran a consulting firm, founded a statewide software community for Alaska, and built a SaaS company.

Now I write software full-time in Go, Ruby, and Typescript.

This is what I'm currently up to:

CycleFi a cycling game for play CycleFi is an immersive multiplayer game for cyclists that makes indoor cycling a blast! Find your friends, challenge them, and get your sweat on!
Alaska Developers Alliance The Alaska Developer's Alliance is an organization focused on bringing together all segments of programmers from video game development and virtual reality to web development and enterprise software tooling. It was built as a community to get students plugged in earlier, provide continued learning opportunities for professionals, and inspire and educate the community. Check out the White Paper for the how and why.


Legalverse eDiscovery Legalverse eDiscovery is a complete solution for legal teams to respond to large document requests including subpoenas and FOIA. Web-based services allowing your team to collect your documents into a single source. Then organize, search, tag and review documents to determine relevance. During the review process, Redact sensitive data and keep confidential information private. When your team is ready to respond, easily produce Bates-numbered PDF documents.

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Photography courtesy of my adventure partner, Seth Kiester.